Ken Beaulieu brings extensive travel experience (over 25 years in Meeting Planning) to our programs and has traveled to more than 100 countries and all 7 continents. He began his career in the cruise travel business before becoming a travel director leading small groups to world-wide destinations. Most recently, he works in the private jet travel sector, excelling at operations, sales and consulting roles. For SPF he is responsible for destination research for future meetings, advance site visits, negotiation of on-site contracts and pre-planning and on-site management, as well as post-meeting final review.

Chris de Vries is the official photographer for SPF, and has served in this capacity since 1996. He received his first plastic camera at age 7 and has been taking pictures ever since. After retiring from a successful career in computer R&D and marketing, he cultivated his passion for photography into a career as a photographer. He has a BS in Science (Cum Laude) and holds a Professional Diploma in Acupuncture from the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine. He is at work on a third career in acupuncture.

Christine de Vries has served as SPF's editor for almost 20 years. She holds degrees from Cornell University and Harvard University. For the past 15 years, Christine has developed medical education materials for healthcare professionals. She is the co-author of the book Successful Cardiac Rehabilitation and has been published in the Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor, as well as serving as a contributor to articles for numerous medical journals.

Nancy Dobler, Director of Member Services, has supported the membership of the Forum for 20 years. She is responsible for member communications, engaging members in activities, answering queries, and responding to requests. Nancy manages innumerable logistics details for member events, ensuring that all details of each program are flawlessly executed. She plans and oversees member on-site activities, arranges members’ travel itineraries, organizes accommodations, interfaces with venues, and ensures that members receive excellent service throughout each program. Nancy also maintains the membership directory and database and coordinates the accounting functions for the Forum.

Thomas M. Finneran has served as the moderator for Senate Presidents’ Forum discussions for the past 5 years. His well-informed mastery of the material keeps the conversations focused on effective applications to state issues. Tom graduated from Northeastern University and received his JD from Boston College Law School. He served as Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives from April 1996 to September 2004 and then as President of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.

Rich Maloof, Program Development, works on the research and programming of curricula for our forums. He has a long career in editorial content, and has produced projects in various media covering health and medicine, science, financial services, law, music education, and technology. He has been published extensively as a writer, with several works translated and distributed internationally. Rich also performs regularly as a musician in the New York area.

Steve Yost has worked with SPF for 16 years and is responsible for arranging events at our domestic programs (research, pre-planning and on-site management). He is also on-site to handle the day-to-day duties and all meeting preparation. Steve is a successful entrepreneur, having owned numerous businesses including two travel agencies and Dunkin Donuts stores.



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