Mission Statement & History

The Senate Presidents’ Forum is a nonpartisan, nonideological, nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization, established in 1994 by Founder and Executive Director Rose Swan along with its first chair, Donald T. DiFrancesco (NJ), and its Board of Directors. The Forum’s mission is to provide a nonpartisan environment where State Senate leaders meet to consider potential solutions to critical problems facing the states.

The Forum hosts three educational conferences each year, where legislative leaders engage in open and productive discussions, leveraging their shared experiences and gaining insight from globally recognized experts. The Forum is noted for respectful discussion of divergent viewpoints, collaborative strategies to find common ground, and evidence-based problem-solving for the common good. It is not a political action committee of any sort, and it does not raise or distribute money to influence the outcome of elections or legislation. No lobbying or political fundraising is permitted at Forum events.

Past Forum discussions have focused on health, education, fiscal matters, pension reform, energy issues, security, agriculture, workforce development, immigration, leadership strategies, and tax reform, among many other topics.


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