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A non-partisan educational forum where State Senate leaders work together and share best practices to improve public policy in their States

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 WINTER 2018 CONFERENCEThe State of the State BudgetsState finances largely are stable with revenues and State spending mostly on target with projections.< M O R E >



 WINTER 2018 CONFERENCECosts of the Opioid CrisisA review of effective strategies to address the opioid crisis and resources for funding interventions.< M O R E >



 WINTER 2018 CONFERENCEFederal Land Policy and States’ RightsIssues that require collaboration among all stakeholders to chart a path forward for Federal Lands.< M O R E >



 WINTER 2018 CONFERENCEGun Violence PreventionPresentation of well-documented evidence on effective policies designed to protect Americans from gun violence while respecting the Second Amendment.< M O R E >



 SEPTEMBER 2017 CONFERENCEInternational Affairs> Highlights> Czech Integration to the EU: Lessons Learned Since 2004> Challenging Times for European Unity> Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age of Europe> Turmoil in The Middle East> The Failure of Syria> Refugee Crises: The Humanitarian Toll> Russia – Domestic Perspective: Back at the Ranch – Russian Politics and Society> Russia – International Perspective: Putin’s Foreign Policy: Making Russia Great Again> CyberSecurity: Risks and Recourse< M O R E >



 JULY 2017 CONFERENCELaw at the Nexus of Public Debate: Panel DiscussionThe chief legal officers of three states share their perspectives as attorneys general across the country have an increasingly consequential role on pivotal issues facing our states and nation.< M O R E >



 JULY 2017 CONFERENCEBalancing State Rights and FederalismInsights on the past, present, and near future.< M O R E >



 JULY 2017 CONFERENCEMedicaid Policy and FundingProposed changes in healthcare laws and policies will have significant implications for the States.< M O R E >



 JULY 2017 CONFERENCELegalizing MarijuanaWhat can state leaders learn from those states that have moved to legalize?< M O R E >