Who participates in SPF conferences?

State Senate Presidents and/or designated leaders from each State Senate and representatives of corporate sponsors participate in educational conferences that include presentations from outstanding leaders in academia, government, and industry.

Who decides on the content of the Forum?

The Board of Directors and Executive Director approve the content, speakers, locations, and activities for all events.

Why do you hold conferences at offsite locations?

Hosting the Forum at desirable locations encourages participants to make time to meet with their peers, set aside their daily demanding agendas, and focus on the issues at hand. A more relaxed setting encourages bi-partisan problem-solving and honest conversations, as the participants consider new insights and benefit from experiences in other states.

Why do you have conferences outside the US?

Global issues impact the states directly, affecting local jobs, the local economy, and the local tax base that funds state programs. Forum events outside the US provide State Senate leaders with first-hand knowledge of the evolving global workforce, changing trade regulations, and emerging opportunities for the states.

What role do the corporate sponsors play?

Corporate sponsors provide funds directly to the Forum organization to defray the expenses of the organization, and one representative may attend each of the Forum events. They do not provide funds directly to Senators. No lobbying or political fundraising is permitted at Forum events.

Whose money pays for SPF conferences?

Corporate sponsors provide unrestricted grants to the Senate Presidents' Forum. These funds are managed by the Forum's Board of Directors and Executive Director.

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