Fall 2015 Forum Highlights

 October 1–4, 2015 


The Fall Senate Presidents’ Forum convened in Charleston, SC on October 1-4, 2015 with a focus on how new technologies bring both opportunities and challenges that impact the states’ policies.

Sen. Thomas Alexander (SC), Sen. Hugh Leatherman (SC) and Charleston’s Mayor Joseph Riley, Jr. welcomed the Senate Presidents’ Forum to Charleston, SC for the Fall 2015 Session.

Internet and Technology: Privacy and Information Governance


Disruptive Technology & Legislative Oversight

Disruptive Technology in Corrections & Public Safety




The Loyalty Switch: How to Make Anyone Loyal to You, Your Organization, or Your Cause



Chris Calabrese

Vice President for Policy
Center for Democracy & Technology

Rory McDonald

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School
Harvard University

Dan Stewart

Senior Justice Advisor Public Safety
Cisco Systems

James Kane

Management Consultant

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