As the Founder and Executive Director of the Senate Presidents’ Forum (SPF) for the past 24 years, it has been my privilege to support the dedicated men and women who lead our State Senates. Serving in the state legislature is a demanding and difficult job that requires tremendous commitment and sacrifice from our State Senators and from their families as well.

During the past 2 decades, the states have confronted many challenging issues, including fiscal crises and economic reversals, security threats, environmental disasters, changes in healthcare and educational policy, and immigration debates. Every day, our Senate leaders must find practical solutions to these complex problems, working through diverse points of view to find common ground. As our State Senators seek to move the states forward for the common good, they need proven strategies to overcome the obstacles of restricted budgets, increasingly divisive politics, and growing social demands.

The SPF is a setting that encourages honest discussion and respectful consideration of divergent viewpoints. At the Forums, Senators with strongly differing agendas and beliefs can assess ideas from others without ideological constraints. The Forum presents opportunities to focus on solutions based on experiences from other states as well as the insights of world-class leaders. Forum discussions also highlight  strategies for how Senate leaders can facilitate cross-aisle collaboration in their home legislatures to implement optimal solutions.

At a time when many Americans have lost faith in the political process, the Forum demonstrates the true dedication and hard work contributed by State Senate leaders to ensure that “government by the people, for the people” endures. It’s a tough job, and the SPF creates an oasis of calm and rational discourse to help State Senators succeed in their endeavor to serve.

I invite all State Senate leaders to join us.

Rose Swan
Founder and Executive Director

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