Sen. Mark Norris

Chair's Letter

Dear Senate Colleagues:

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome the opportunity and the honor to serve as Chair of the Senate Presidents’ Forum. All State legislators are facing challenging times as we strive to provide for the needs of our constituents, while being stewards of ever more restricted State resources. We all face uncertainly as the new Federal Administration takes its place in DC. No doubt there will be many changes that impact the States.

Three times a year, the Senate Presidents’ Forum takes us out of our State Houses and brings us together to help consider the path forward for our States. We cross party lines and leave behind partisanship to focus on the important issues of real government. Together, we work to find ways to balance our budgets, to meet the complex needs of our very diversified constituents, and to do the best we can for all the people of our States.

The Forum brings outstanding experts from many fields to provide grounding in the complex issues we face. They provide insight and evoke discussion on topics from providing basic needs like clean drinking water, food, and housing, to meeting growing medical costs, or fixing structural issues in our pension systems. State Senate leaders can better serve our people by learning from these highly educational activities. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, we have the chance to share lessons learned, review strategies that worked, or those that failed.

Our jobs as State leaders are complicated and demanding. The Senate Presidents’ Forum is one of the most important meetings of the legislative year because it helps all of us to discover innovative ways to serve the people. I urge all Senate Presidents not to miss out on these these critical conversations.


Sen. Mark Norris
Majority Leader, Tennessee


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